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FBR collects 7 billion from mobile phone registration in eight months




FBR also is known as the Federal Board Of Revenue has collected 7 billion rupees in taxes for registering mobile phones in the last eight months.

The Federal Board of Revenue, formerly known as Central Board of Revenue, is a top federal government organization of Pakistan that investigates tax crimes and money-laundering

One of the top officials of FBR revealed the facts while briefing the Senate Committee on Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs.

The number of Phones which FBR has Blocked was around 67500 mobile Phones, and after not registering the phone in the given time period the committee of FBR said.

The head of the committee was chaired by Senator Farooq Hamid Naek and he really praised the efforts the FBR has made.

The officials have further said to the committee that the PTA’s (DIRBS) which stands for Device Identification Registration and Blocking System has discouraged so many smugglers, He also added that even if a smuggler tries to successfully bring the phone in the country, The user would not be able to use without paying tax once he put the sim card in it.

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The committee was also informed that they have given a set an amount of time in case if mobile was not registered with the given amount of time than the mobile will be automatically will be blocked.

The committee was informed that foreigners are free from for 60 days after which they will have to pay tax. He also added that before DIRBS the mobile phone smuggling was at an extreme level, people used to bring eight to ten mobiles in their bags to Pakistan from foreign countries

The government of Pakistan is charging lesser taxes on cell phones from the local common people. The Standing Committee also passed the Companies Act, 2019 unanimously after an amendment with the approval of member In-charge.

The committee failed to pass other bills including Maternity and Paternity Bill, 2018, the Constitution Amendment Act, 2019 due to the unavailability of persons who moved the amendments.

Addressing the public petition regarding simplifying the tax filing procedure, the official briefed the committee that the FBR lately introduced the Tax Asian app.

The application is providing a facility to salaried people to file income tax returns from the comfort of their homes.

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The chairman of the committee adjourned the meeting and decided to continue discussing this issue in the next sitting. After that Committee’s decision will be informed to the petitioner.

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Facebook’s AI Can Now Translate Code Into Other Programming Languages Automatically



Facebook’s AI Can Now Translate Code Into Other Programming Languages Automatically

Facebook‘s AI research team has developed a new system dubbed the neural transcompiler. This system uses more than 2.8 million open-source Github repositories to translate codes.

It is gonna translate codes between three popular languages- C++, Java, and Python.

Facebook’s AI Can Now Translate Code Into Other Programming Languages Automatically

The Main Reason behind Developing This new system Of Facebook’s AI?

It costs millions of dollars every year to keep the systems up to date with the latest programming languages and Technologies.

In order to tackle this issue, The team of AI Research (FAIR) has developed an Automated System.

It was created with the help of advanced Deep Learning Architecture.

What this new system does is that it is gonna migrate existing codebases to a modern and efficient language that requires individuals with expertise in both the source and the target language.

It is Very Costly

One thing to keep in mind is that it is not only boring but it costs a lot of money Too. One of the Great Example of this is the Commonwealth of Australia

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • They spent $750 million to translate its Platform from COBOL to Java.
Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

According to FAIR, This New system is not seen by the Authority it is unsupervised.

It means that it requires minimum human supervision and will translate codes based on previously undetected patterns in data sets without labels.

most People have researched about it that this system outperforms rule-based baselines by a ” Huge Margin “.

“This unsupervised translation has been achieved by initializing the transcoder with a cross-lingual language model”.

The model maps pieces of code expressing the same instructions from the number of common tokens like “for,” “while,” “if,” as well as a few mathematical operators. After this, it uses a target-to-source model to translate all the sequences.

Although the results of the compiler are not completely accurate, it’s much more accurate than other transcoders available today.

According to Facebook’s AI,

TransCoder can easily be generalized to any programming language, does not require any expert knowledge, and outperforms commercial solutions by a large margin.

Our results suggest that a lot of mistakes made by the model could easily be fixed by adding simple constraints to the decoder to ensure that the generated functions are syntactically correct, or by using dedicated architectures.

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Apple is Making 1 Million Face Shields for Doctors



Apple is Making 1 Million Face Shields for Doctors

Apple is Making 1 Million Face Shields for Doctors, As we all know that The all around the world Tech companies are Playing their best Parts against the Pandemic of COVID-19 And Now the company of Apple is also taking their part as well.

Tech Giants Made Huge Announcement

One of the Cupertino based tech company has declared that they will be making 1 Million face shields for medical workers Per Week.

Tim Cook The CEO Of Apple said that;

Company CEO Tim Cook has declared that they have managed to source over 20 million masks from their supply chains.

The Apply Company has created a new company-wide effort where engineers, Designers, Plus Operational and packaging teams are workings with suppliers to produce and ship face shields to medical workers.

Tim Cook his Own Words; 

Apple is Making 1 Million Face Shields for Doctors, It is dedicated to supporting the worldwide response to COVID-19. We’ve now sourced over 20M masks through our supply chain.

Our design, engineering, operations, and packaging teams are also working with suppliers to design, produce and ship face shields for medical workers.

The CEO also added that 100 of these face shields can be packed in a box and can be gathered in just 2 minutes.

  • Furthermore, They are trying their best to make sure that these face shields reach those places that need it the most.
  • Their first shipment was delivered to Kaiser hospital facilities in Santa Clara and the feedback from the doctors was very positive.
  • They are at hand working with medical professionals and experts to learn where these packages are required quickly.
In The End 

Apple plans to ship a million face shields by the end of this week and is set to deliver a million masks weekly after that.

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Google sets aside $800M in ads and loans to help in COVID-19 fight



Google sets aside $800M in ads and loans to help in COVID-19 fight

Google sets aside $800M in ads, The CEO of Google Sunder Pichai Declared on Friday that the company of Google would be donating more than $800 million in ad credits and loans to help the government’s Organizations and Small Businesses respond to the COVID-19 disaster.

The announcement gives a full crash of the classification, And the dimensions of which are in credits for Google Services:

  1. Google will be giving $250 million worth of ad Allowed to more than 100 government Organizations across the World, Including the World Health Organization.
  2. They will also be seeding $340 million in ad recognitions to small businesses with accounts that have been active in the past year, The commendations to small businesses with accounts that have been active in the past year. the commendations are good through the End of the Year.
  3. They’ll be giving away $20 million worth of Google Cloud solvency to academic institutions and researchers that are addressing COVID-19.
  4. Furthermore, an Investment fund for nonprofits and financial institutions to provide diminutive small businesses with loans.
  5. Sunder Pichai Further added that The company of Google will continue to invest in helping suppliers increase up production of face masks and other personal protective equipment.

COVID-19 Is a Global Disaster

COVID-19 is a World disaster and Large companies Like Google have Powerful global networks that are main to support.

Furthermore, The World economy is undoubtedly being stressed by the Spread, With little businesses exceptionally being pretentious.

And Google signal-boosting the World Health Organization and other government organizations with information to circulate is a good move that more companies should follow.

As with any donation from a big tech company, It’s very good to look at what Telecommunications are getting and what the institutions itself are earning.

Google Ads Business

Google sets aside $800M in ads And Google’s Ad business has taken a Huge Spread hit as businesses that have for a limited period of time closed up shop or reduced operations have also ceased advertising their services.

Google Ads Business has given away hundreds of millions of dollars worth ads gets some of these businesses back to their advertising dashboards.

Giving ads away to government organizations boosts friendly that could be convenient for future importune efforts, and bringing academics into the turnup with Google Cloud Solvency could attract those institutions away from AWS or Azure.

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